Hilary Usfun

words of love…

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Picture the scene – two happily married people snuggling in bed….

Him – Will you knit Sir Lancelot a waistcoat?

Me – I don’t think he’d like a waistcoat, what with him being a rabbit and everything.  Can you imagine getting a waistcoat on Guinevere? She hated being medicated.

Him – I think he has the figure for a waistcoat.  You could knit a few of them. I wasn’t thinking of a waistcoat for Guinevere, I was thinking of a hat. A straw hat.

Me – That she would like. As a snack.

Him – She has got the face for a hat. She is such a pretty little thing.  And he would look so manly in a waistcoat.

Me – Manly? But he’s a…

Him – Yes, perhaps bottle green?

Me – You remember this? right?

Me – *falls asleep*


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