Hilary Usfun


Posted on: July 1, 2009

..its not as though I am anti-progress. There are many good things about increasing efficiency, not to mention analysing processes to make them better. I even like the idea of EQIA.

(Sorry. Well someone had to)

But there is something about the concept of ‘talent management’ which makes me want to put on tap shoes and begin to sing ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life‘.  Like, SERIOUSLY? ‘Talent Management’? I think this means ‘looking after your staff and helping them develop their skills’ which granted, is a little wordy. But talent management is tap shoes and excessive control all the way….


1 Response to "jargontastic…"

Couldn’t make your EQIA link work, so I Googled, and yes, I like them too (and also feel as if I should apologise for so doing). Seems we have things in common. Consider yourself blogrolled!

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