Hilary Usfun

food, glorious food…

Posted on: August 10, 2009

So this week’s assistant is a pescatarian who doesn’t eat wheat/gluten, dairy or soya. So far so complicated, but it was the fact that they don’t like mashed potato which really pushed me over the edge. What kind of person doesn’t like mashed potato? Easy to make, even free of all the above! I’m not sure its really what I’d call a good sign.

So, Sunday night, back to work the next day, clearly a fun tea is required. Burgers? not a chance.  Instead, grilled fish with wonderful spices, home made potato wedges with paprika and loads of seasoning and coleslaw without the mayo. My preferred coleslaw recipe involves natural yoghurt and lemon or lime juice; I bear mayonnaise no ill will, I am just Not That Into it, and try only to eat things I have passion for.  But last night, enormous piles of shredded beetroot, fennel, carrot and apple were topped with locally produced extra virgin rapeseed oil and homemade (by Very Talented Friend) blackberry vinegar.

And the best bit? leftovers for lunch.


2 Responses to "food, glorious food…"

Strange but true (in my experience anyway): sometimes people’s dietary restrictions can lead to great culinary inventions. I’m with you on the mashed potato, though; food of the gods, as far as I’m concerned.

yes – that too. And then in the end a big bucket of pesto pasta!

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