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away with the piskies…

Posted on: August 14, 2009

Holidays are a funny thing, aren’t they? You go away from home and suddenly all sorts of things seem like a Good Idea. Morecambe, for instance. Not just a town full of older people, that would be fine. Good even. It was like the whole place had died – so terribly terribly sad. And while we’re on the subject of good ideas, going to the Lake District early in my relationship and forgetting to pack any socks is another to chalk up to experience (though the good idea was asking my then boyfriend to microwave his freshly washed socks to dry them)

And no-one wants the smell of a smoking sock, even a clean one.

So last year, Cornwall, and in keeping with my attempts at treading lightly on the planet we wanted to bring back locally produced goodies for our friends and family. And we are all relaxed and happy and full of the love and so Cornish wine seems like a good idea. Sibling 1 accepted the rose and claimed it was acceptable. We kept the white and deemed it too awful even to cook with, and decided not to give the red to sibling 2 for fear of the Shame.

However, while heading towards the bottom of a second bottle the other night the Piskie wine really came into its own. It was the only wine left in the house, and through bleary eyes was carefully inspected. No, it was agreed, if we like the look of that it really is time for bed.  No longer merely a bottle of wine, now a barometer of sobriety.  Perhaps I should attach it to some kind of alarm?


1 Response to "away with the piskies…"

Interesting, I’ve encountered a few of those ‘barometer of sobriety’ bottles in my time. While sharing a house with various people in the 1980s, one of them brought back a bottle of Malibu from somewhere or other (not Malibu, I think). It lasted for years – and this in a house of dedicated drinkers – and became a by-word for really, really drunk, as in ‘we got on to the Malibu last night…’ ‘oh no, sit down, I’ll bring you a big cup of tea and make a fry-up’.

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