Hilary Usfun

Moron, navigation

Posted on: August 20, 2009

I wish I could tell you that Monday’s journey was an aberration, an accident or even slightly unusual. It isn’t. It so very very isn’t.  The best, and perhaps only, way to bamboozle Dr Usfun is to look at him pointedly and tell him that really, you don’t instinctively know your left from your right.

But a long time ago, in a place far far away, I became irritated with having to turn the map of the agricultural show (the only place in which my parents figured they’d find  me when I undoubtedly got lost, so left me alone) round at every corner in order to find my way and decided to learn how to navigate, and so by holding maps tightly, and preparing before leaving, I learnt to navigate, providing I was on constant alert to what was going on around me.

And this worked, for many happy journeys, until a fateful trip to Hyde Park to see REM. I printed directions for the way there, and then foolishly thought I could find my way back with the same ones, thus not taking into consideration in the slightest London’s one way system or the impact of beer on a non instinctive navigator.

We got lost. We got hideously lost. And since then it has not been the same again. I miss signs, left and right blur into a haze of ‘just THERE’ and no, I don’t feel like we are going in the right direction.

Michael Stipe? I blame you.


1 Response to "Moron, navigation"

The bit about Dr Usfun made me giggle – I could so picture the scene!

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