Hilary Usfun

weary whinging…

Posted on: August 24, 2009

Somehow I think it would be so much easier if I could work full time, and had some kind of professional to deal with all the Other Stuff.  It is the Other Stuff which drains the energy out of me, that seems to make my brain seize up and require loosening via some good red wine and a knitting magazine. These are the things which make living in my wonky body stressful and frustrating.

1) There is a battle ongoing between the various companies which could service/maintain my specialist bathroom equipment, all of whom think the other is not doing a proper job

2) My hoist needs replacing. Well it doesn’t need replacing, it needs a good source of parts. No good source of parts? then it needs replacing. So long, £2000.

3) My bed needs servicing. The people who are meant to organise this cannot seem to, my occupational therapist has been doing so, but works term time only. This is fair, but means no bed service til September.

4) My new manual chair needs to be brought up to the specification it was ordered for. Following the kerfuffle with my powered chair I just don’t have the energy to go through it again.

5) My lift is making That Noise again, the one it never makes when the engineer is here. While I sort of believe nothing is wrong with it, I’d rather it didn’t.

6) A Government scheme is meant to be providing me with IT kit for work. I don’t want to buy anything I haven’t tried, they appear to no longer answer emails.

I may have to go and do some knitting.


2 Responses to "weary whinging…"

That sounds exhausting and infuriating. Can’t you get hoist parts on eBay? No? Oh.

I think perhaps you need a secretary. Or a wife.

Thank you and thank you for the reassurance – sometimes it feels like I am making a terrible fuss….

A wife would be most excellent.

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