Hilary Usfun

belief and misconception…

Posted on: August 27, 2009

I’d never read a Pat Barker novel; partly because I thought she was a he, and partly because I thought s/he was sci-fi.  I like novels written by men, and on occasion I like sci-fi, but the combination generally doesn’t suit me.  So it was to my great astonishment I discovered she was a she, and that it was in fact not sci-fi.

So far I’ve read Regeneration. It is the first in the Regeneration Trilogy, and developed from a true event, a meeting between Siegfried Sassoon and an army psychologist Dr WHR Rivers. It is about the treatment for shell shock during World War One, and fiction, while based on records from the time.  It is that most glorious of books, a balance between readable – the book cannot leave your hands – and challenging.  Attention is paid to the range of roles of health professionals involved, and the perspectives of all involved.  The language is exquisite and I just love the idea of all these WW1 poets meeting and getting to know each other.  I would be interested to know Barker’s view on war and violence because as a pacifist it certainly reinforces my views.


1 Response to "belief and misconception…"

I loved that book. In fact, I loved the whole trilogy.

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