Hilary Usfun

tie me down…

Posted on: August 31, 2009

So, for safe journey fun for me and the lucky few who drive my car (my car which is both very lovely and held together with love and blu tack) there is a complicated system of strapping for restraining me.

(Insert own joke here. Then I’ll add one about the disappointment of S & M with someone who basically can’t move anyway)

So, new wheelchair, new straps. I look at the chair and the fancy new attaching points, and see a Q for Quickie (for that is the make of the chair)

My colleague sees a Q representing a carabiner.

(I like this. I know what a carabiner is. It is for attaching tankards to backpacks at festivals)

The first PA looks at them, looks relieved, and tells me she used to use similar straps to attach motorbikes to pickup trucks.

The second looks at them, looks relieved, and tells me she used to use similar in the Navy to secure heavy objects aboard ship.

The third looks at them and tells me she has used them in paragliding, sky diving and windsurfing.

I do not check to see if she looks relieved. I am busy realising myself to be neither rock nor roll.


1 Response to "tie me down…"

Actually, I think your approach is FAR more rock ‘n’ roll than all that healthy yet dangerous outdoor activity. Surely attaching a tankard to a backpack at a festival is sufficiently unhealthy and safe to count as rock ‘n’ roll?

I was mocked by one of my friends, at Shrewsbury, for crocheting while waiting for Karine Polwart to come on stage. He said mmm, crochet, how very rock ‘n’ roll. Luckily for him, he wasn’t close enough to get a crochet hook in the eyeball. I figure traditional crafts at a folk festival count too.

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