Hilary Usfun

In sickness and in….

Posted on: September 3, 2009

There’s something rather lovely about wedding vows; all that poetic language about love, about feeling part of a longstanding tradition.  We had a civil wedding, with civil vows, because lets face it; who can’t use a bit more civility in their life? And pledging to say please and thank you isn’t a bad basis for a wedding. There is no discussion about ‘obey’ or not ‘obey with civil vows; which is a good thing really, as round here its hard to get anyone to obey anyone else. I can’t even get the medium sized bunster to use her litter tray…

However, recent experiences suggest that not being clear in my vows was a mistake. If only I’d have thought, I could have specified that were Dr Usfun to ever get the chance, however slim the possibility, to hang out with Radiohead (or Muse, or Aerosmith, or John Cusack….) I should be included in such an experience.

The downside is that he may then have felt the need to set limits on the amount of yarn it is reasonable to own, or the number of bunsters that constitutes ‘enough’, and then where would we be?


1 Response to "In sickness and in…."

Is it not the case that wedding vows can be renewed? And, if so, surely it would be possible to slip in some extra wordage 😉

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