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when thyme is of the essence…

Posted on: September 5, 2009

Music: The Police, Greatest Hits. I have a Sunday sort of feeling, odd for a Saturday. I’m in the mood for something Indian in flavour, but can find no coriander and find the greatest inspiration when coming up hard against the contents of my cupboards. No coriander? I have mint, and consider something Moroccan in theme.

I find no couscous; I am tempted by wine.

In the end however, Moroccan Rice Thing is born.

1 mug of brown basmati rice is thrown in a bowl with lots of water.

One onion, chopped roughly and quickly, thrown in a pan lightly sprayed with rapeseed oil.

When cooked it is joined by almost too much garlic, and when that is brown 1.5 courgettes and a large handful of green beans.

Rice is drained and a fragrant Moroccan spice blend is thrown in the veggies, using slightly more than specified.

Rice is added; plus 2.5 mugs water, and two scoops stock.

Lid on, set to simmer

After 10 minutes, add two heaped teaspoons mint.

After 25 minutes, try, burn tongue, swear vigorously, declare slightly underdone and in need of 5 more minutes

Repeat last action 3 times

Water absorbed? Declare done, and serve with cherry tomatoes and a green salad.

Coulda woulda shoulda:  Add more Moroccan spices and stir the raw tomatoes in at the end which adds a lovely sweetness. Courgette melts into the rice which gives a really rich flavour


1 Response to "when thyme is of the essence…"

Mmmmm, sounds good. ‘Repeat last action 3 times’ – hee hee hee!!

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