Hilary Usfun

the having of a laugh…

Posted on: September 7, 2009

So, I started this blog because I Am Trying to be Funny. I love to laugh – laughing is one of my all time favourite activities and that feeling of wild laughing abandon loosens up any tension and instantly makes you feel better (I know; there’s a science bit)  What makes me laugh? Sweary sarcasm, often, satire and clever. I loved Blackadder, Drop the Dead Donkey and all those sorts of Radio 4 current affairs programmes.

However, it’s clever that really does it for me; I can’t bear sexist, racist, homophobic, ablist (or any other ist) humour.  Puns are great.  I’ve heard an argument that someone is always the butt of humour, and I just can’t accept that. There must be a way to be funny and not have anyone feel bad? I shall end with a couple of examples…

King Arthur goes into a jobcentre for his Job Seekers Allowance interview.  He meets an adviser who offers him some jousting.  ‘Great’ says King Arthur, ‘I’ll be there – is it freelance?’ ‘No’, says the adviser, ‘You’ll have to bring your own’

Did you hear that Amy Winehouse has cancelled her trip to Saudi Arabia? They tried to make her go to Riyadh and she said no, no, no…


2 Responses to "the having of a laugh…"

Saudi Arabia doesn’t accept that the Flintstones are funny. But Abu Dhabi do.

waaah! I love that.

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