Hilary Usfun

Why gardening is like Shakespeare. Mostly.

Posted on: September 10, 2009

Gardening and Shakespeare require a lot of prior knowledge

People who have the knowledge are rightly proud of this.

Both are improving – Shakespeare, intellectually, and gardening environmentally

Both become more enjoyable the more you do it, and you get more out of them the more you do them.

I am dreadful at both of them. I can see they are good things to do, I can see they are interesting to lots of people and that they have a good outcome.  But that part of my brain does not work.



2 Responses to "Why gardening is like Shakespeare. Mostly."

I can cope with Shakespeare but I hate gardening. My Paramour says that’s because I like finishing things, and gardening is never-ending, so I can’t ever tick it off my list. I suspect he’s right.

I like him gardening, though. I can watch him work from the hammock, which is very relaxing, and I can help him eat the end results.

ooh – that’s a good point about finishing things!

I like it when Shakespeare finishes too.. tho’ have promised a friend I will go to one with her soon as she is determined to prove me wrong!

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