Hilary Usfun

a beautiful day…

Posted on: September 14, 2009

…turns out I quite like family weddings, they are full of happy making things. It seems that in the right circumstances they are an opportunity for all to share in love and joy and happiness. And as well as the love shown by the couple, and the nice food and so on, here are some of the things I have particularly enjoyed about recent weddings;

Dancing to terrible music with lovely children. In fact using the lovely children as an excuse to dance to music that is both terrible and nostalgic.

Being told that I am about the same age as the worlds nicest 14 year old (and I am, give or take 22 years)

Watching the worlds nicest 16 year old try to mosh to ABBA with his gran



1 Response to "a beautiful day…"

I really enjoy weddings, even the cake now that it’s not obligatory to have fruit cake (which is my very least favourite kind of cake). I went to two weddings last year, one had a big rich dark chocolate cake, the other had tiers of iced cupcakes in chocolate or toffee. Yum!

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