Hilary Usfun

sharing the love….

Posted on: September 17, 2009

So I love to knit, partly to fondle the yarny goodness and partly to make (and own) the pretty things. I once read somewhere that knitting was as good for you as meditation, which to me is a great and good thing, as I’m dreadful at meditation and often wear a scarf. but on the other hand, they no longer think I am as much of a nutcase…

So I rave about knitting, and teach my friends to knit, so we all know the lingo and share in the stash love. Naturally they are all quicker than me, which is a tad frustrating.  Not, however, as frustrating as the fact they can and do make themselves exquisite woolly things; so I STILL don’t know what to get them as presents…


1 Response to "sharing the love…."

I used to knit but for me, now, it’s all about the crochet.

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