Hilary Usfun

fighting talk…

Posted on: September 21, 2009

So I never thought I liked gangster films (too violent, am a pacificist) or French films. Not liking French cinema is one of those things I was slightly embarrassed about; it sounded a bit too much like I was anti French (which I’m not) rather than having had a bad experience of being taken by a much loved friend to see a Real French Classic. Reader, she fell asleep half way through. Other than smoking; NOTHING HAPPENED. FOR 3 HOURS.

So Dr Usfun wanted to see the Mesrine film, as did another cinema buddy. The trailers looked good; Things Happened and Vincent Cassell looked fairly engaging so I agreed. And that is how you found me doing the ‘I was wrong’ dance in the lobby of our local independent cinema. That, and the fact you can take wine in (truly the sign of a civilised society)

I was indeed wrong, and think it may be time to bust some other fixed ideas I have for cultural activities. Anyone fancy a Cliff gig?


1 Response to "fighting talk…"

I’m all in favour of busting fixed ideas, but a Cliff gig? Hmmmm… You can take wine into our local cinema, too, in glasses made of glass. The wine’s a bit crap but I don’t care. Am hoping to see Julie & Julia this week.

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