Hilary Usfun

talking the talk..

Posted on: September 24, 2009

Here’s a confession, probably not unusual for a blogger. Talking is a hobby of mine. Seriously. Not public speaking, not recitation (though both are fabulous in their own way) but conversation. The passion of debate, of the sharing of secrets, of laughing so hard you cannot breath.  I even like to chat online – usually using Googletalk, and love it as a means of keeping in touch with friends both near and far.

Now Googletalk is a neat little programme. It is, as you’d expect a reliable means of communication without too much faff. It rather usefully has a function whereby it tells you that the other person is typing, or has entered text, and I have found the conversation goes more smoothly if I wait for the other person to finish typing before entering my contribution to the conversation.

You can see where I’m going with this.

Then, in the car the other day the penny dropped. What if, in conversations, I waited for the other person to stop talking before I joined in? I see it as passion, as positive noises encouraging the conversation onwards, as a sign of showing interest. And it suddenly occurred to me that not everyone would. Lessons from the internet, put into action offline.

And, y’know, sorry.


1 Response to "talking the talk.."

Hahahahaha!!!!! You’re not THAT bad, y’know! Then again, I have my friend S for a point of comparison, and she can’t let anyone else get more than halfway through a sentence without joining in. Ever.

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