Hilary Usfun

a lacking in the middle….

Posted on: October 2, 2009

So, talking, then. A hobby in its own right.  The joy of conversation is big in my life, of the sharing of dreams, ideas and confidences.  From the Big Question of whether sparkly wine is possibly possible and/or better than sparkling wine in a matter of seconds to discuss the impact of women in policing would be a typical seque way.

The love of talking is strongly linked to the love of laughing, and for that I love the trivial – not the trite. The discussing of books and films and music, of exceptional cakes and coffees, of joyful anecdotes, of Pretty Things are all fair game. Which leads me to passions, and when passions run high leads to Serious Topics, of love, of hate, of intolerence and injustice and secrets and insecurities.  And really very little in the middle.

I don’t really know what constitutes ‘In The Middle’.  I love to talk about the trivial but not to take it to seriously, and I think that serious topics require serious attention.  I am often told, with a vague look of wonderment on the part of the person telling, that I only talk about large or small topics.

It’s true. I do – it isn’t a conscious process but one which I have decided to celebrate.  What I have decided though, is that I need to pay more attention to the connections; I have no idea how I got from legwarmers to Caster Semenya, or from Boyzone vs Take That to Noam Chomsky.

But I did.


1 Response to "a lacking in the middle…."

Soph loves to talk. I love to listen. To her. It’s an arrangement that suits us.

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