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incy wincy spider…

Posted on: October 5, 2009

When I met my husband, he was astonished to discover I was not a fan of anything in the insect/arachnid/creepy crawly spectrum.  As a zoologist, this gave him pause.

(Then he met my family, and discovered they weren’t a fan of the entire animal kingdom, so we were fine. Phew)

Dr Usfun is supportive, and does escort wildlife from the premises. Even if on occasion there is debate as to whether a spider is big or not, when evidently it having 8 legs makes it both big and worthy of removal.  However, this bemusal on the part of Dr Usfun is endearing to watch, and he is doing his best to endear me to the beasties….. By using logic…..

Attempt 1 –

HIM: Spiders are our friends.

ME: Our friends in the GARDEN.

Attempt 2 –

HIM: Those harvestman spiders you shouldn’t be scared of, as they are more like a scorpion than a spider

ME: Seriously? you think I would see that as a good thing? that I would like scorpions more than spiders?

Attempt 3 –

ME: I don’t like moths as they are furry. They are insects, and therefore should not be furry.

There are a range of responses to this;

HIM: Do you know how many insects are furry?


Or –

HIM: You know butterflies are furry too?

ME: LALALALALALALA! Do you want me to go off them too?

Or –

HIM: But you like beetles, and they can hurt you!

ME: Liked, beetles, on that basis

So logic. Not a key player in this debate.


4 Responses to "incy wincy spider…"

Hahahahaha!! My Paramour also escorts eight-legged wildlife from the premises, and we had a conversation last night that went like this:

Me: HELP! HELP! Huge HUGE spider on the living room floor!
Him: Where? Oh yes. *gets on knees and takes spider gently in cupped hands while I shiver and tremble on the sofa* Can you get the door?
Me: What, you mean come past you while you’re holding that thing?
Him (patiently): I can’t open the door and keep the spider safe. If I try to open the door I might drop the spider.
Me: Do NOT drop the spider. I repeat, do NOT drop the spider. Go over there. Further than that. Now don’t move. I’ll open the door and you’re not to take the spider out until I’ve come back in and run up the stairs.

Bless him, he did, and he didn’t take the mickey either.

Perfectly reasonable. Perfectly…

Spiders are excellent! I have photos of a black widow crawling across my arm.

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