Hilary Usfun

Plotting and planning…

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I am planning a trip to Brighton next year. I am probably the least portable person on the planet, so this is a Big Deal.  Travel for me involves co-ordinating equipment, and accommodation, and in this case other family events. However, I have achieved this – probably – and in a hotel which we actually like and which is in walking distance from everywhere we want to go. This is important for a number of reasons;

1) Accessible is on occasion code for ‘a bit crappy’

2) Cocktails

3) Not having to ask local people for driving directions.  My lack of navigational skills is well documented and so I often have to ask for directions.  I am happy to ask for directions, but asking local people is fraught with danger. For them;

Me: Please could you tell me how to get to the Plough? I think I’m lost, I don’t live round here.

Local person: Do you know Foxhunter’s Hill?




2 Responses to "Plotting and planning…"

It was even more fraught for the poor French family who asked me for directions, in French, when I was out walking, in France. Luckily I can manage ‘je ne parle pas Francais’, at which point they switched to fluent English, putting me to shame, but I still couldn’t tell them where they needed to go.

Brighton is lovely. Ooh, cocktails!

I can’t wait. We went once in our youth and had a simply splendid time.

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