Hilary Usfun

a hard habit to break…

Posted on: October 12, 2009

So I’m a fidget. I ideally like to be doing at least 3 things at once, though I’m happiest if I’m doing at least one of them adequately. (Currently I’m hoping that this is it. Fingers crossed, y’all)

I’ve recently packed in two bad habits; using cotton buds to clean my ears. (Actually, the bad habit was using cotton buds to clean my ears twice a day) and using my phone to check up on email and so on, which may have made me a better friend but more likely meant I wouldn’t have been able to afford Christmas presents. So I’ve stopped both of these; scared into submission by my phone bill and Blase GP announcing my ear drum was ‘kind of a bit perforated’

What’s interesting me at present though is what I have taken up in its place. So far? Nothing. I gave up fiddling with blu tack, and took up the cotton buds, I gave up being fat, and took up nail varnish, I tried very hard to cut back on shopping, and took up ebay.  Could it be I’m simply a grown up?

Unlikely, I’d say…


3 Responses to "a hard habit to break…"

First time I scanned this I thought you were shoving BluTack in to your ears…

Need to slow down, obv.

The email (and twitter!) on phone thing is very addictive. Congrats on losing that monkey.

I prefer doing one thing at once – but I always have at least three books on the go at any one time; does that count?

All multiplicatious things count. I usually have two books on the go (though am getting markedly pickier as time goes on) and at least 3 knitting projects.

(5 at present. Even I don’t know how that happened…)

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