Hilary Usfun

down with the Elizabethan fur trimmed hood..

Posted on: October 19, 2009

So I’m getting up this morning, chatting to the PA and observed that as Dr Usfun and myself were knackered, we may not have a Grand Day Out at the beach, and in fact may go out locally. ‘Where?’ she asks. ‘Oh’ say I breezily, ‘to some kind of stately homie’.

Goin’ out for lunch, in my Fiat car,

Tired and jaded, we won’t go far,

The house itself is well Elizabethan

A grand day out for Dr and Mrs Usfun.

Hilary Usfun – putting the c in rap.


1 Response to "down with the Elizabethan fur trimmed hood.."

Hahahahaha love it. Time for a podcast methinks!

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