Hilary Usfun

where the wild things are…

Posted on: October 26, 2009

So – spiders. So not a fan. However, I have been trying harder to not object.

Trying, being the operative tense, as one ambled over the kitchen floor, and Dr Usfun said ‘Crikey, that’s big for a Harvestman’.


I also object to crane flies, as what are they if not flying spiders? Calling them Daddy Long Legs does nothing to increase their appeal.  I did see a five legged one sitting on the wall the other day and wondered if Dr Usfun had planted it there to appeal to my sense of pity.

He hadn’t. He thought it might have been a good idea though…


3 Responses to "where the wild things are…"

They ARE flying spiders, they ARE they ARE they ARE!!!

of course they are. Only a crazy person would disagree…

Spiders are brilliant. Train them properly and they’ll do the housework, fetch the shopping, weed the garden, babysit the cat…

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