Hilary Usfun

partying like it’s 1899

Posted on: November 2, 2009

I am 36. This is what’s commonly known as Old Enough to Know Better.

Age 18 – a big night out involved one partner in crime, cider, and Party Pants

Age 23 – a big night out involved one partner in crime, silver Doc Martens, and wine, usually,

Age 30 – involved one lovely new life partner, the old partners in crime, slightly more expensive wine, and slightly more elegant shoes (on occassion; still silver)

Age 36 – one partner in crime, still red wine and glittery shoes, and now a new idea of fun.  Not, in this case, going out, but instead, reaching that contemplative point on the second bottle of wine to consider that balling laceweight yarn at midnight was a Good Idea. Bearing in mind this involved two fairly complicated pieces of equipment , this was Not a Good Idea.  Eventually, and with only a little bit of rage, 400m of 2 ply silk were in balls. However? Since then, deballing has occurred.

So all in all, quite considerably different to my youth.


1 Response to "partying like it’s 1899"

Deballing? Oh no! Poor Dr Usfun. 😉

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