Hilary Usfun

paying the piper…

Posted on: November 9, 2009

I have made a great discovery; I cannot be bought for £1.38.

I needed a copy of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ for my reading group, and as a signed up greenie tree hugger I wanted a second hand copy. And as a relatively lazy person I wanted to be sure I could get one without taking off my slippers.

So – I bought the book on Amazon Marketplace, for the princely sum of 1p plus £2.75 with the condition listed as ‘Good-used’. The book arrived, promptly and well packaged in condition ‘Shagged but readable – used’ and I gave measured feedback commenting on the packaging and delivery and the description – saying I’d have bought the book anyway.

So I was ASTONISHED when the vendor offered me a partial refund of £1.38 if I retracted my feedback. I took umbrage. It was fair feedback. I listed the positives. I stood firm.

(Dr Usfun suggested holding out for a total refund)

So no £1.38 for me.  I feel confident that this is a reasonable measure of my moral fibre. I suspect I can be bought with any fairtrade chocolate and a copy of ‘The Knitter’

Oh well.



2 Responses to "paying the piper…"

I’m slightly addicted to Amazon Marketplace. It’s terrible. I can stay away for months at a time but something will grab me and pull me in and before you can say Oh No, What’s He Done Now? I’ll have a dozen ‘new’ paperbacks at my side of the bed. Boo!

I’m learning a new language – I’ve been watching The Wire.

An’ yo ass is mo’al fibre. A’ight.

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