Hilary Usfun

getting it nailed…

Posted on: November 12, 2009

So I know it’s winter, right, and no sane minded person would want to see my feet. Incidentally – yes, they’re purple, and yes, they’re cold, and yes, it’s normal. Yes even the left one being cooler than the right.  Still, there’s something about painting my toenails which makes me feel a bit prettier and more interesting. It’s a bit like wearing extreme knickers to a job interview. The panel can only see your Grown Up Clothes, but you know you’re wearing leopard print. How does that NOT help your confidence. They must be comfy though.

There is of course one thing more fun than painting your toenails, and that’s painting someone elses.  The lesson here, of course is not to fall asleep in sandals in a festival, and if you do not to remove it before doing the same thing the following day…..


2 Responses to "getting it nailed…"

My mind is overrun with thoughts of extreme knickers

I think sparkly silver or gold would look particularly fetching with purple feet.

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