Hilary Usfun

Jazz. Nice.

Posted on: November 19, 2009

So it was a family birthday, and we took said family out for dinner to a restaurant with a jazz band. Which was nice. And it was a lovely evening, the pudding was astonishingly good and may in fact prevent me ever eating pudding again for fear of the subsequent puddings not matching up. There was chocolate, and there were pears, and after it was all gone I had to sit quietly in a corner for a while to recover. Dr Usfun was trying to persuade me that his fig sorbet was almost as good.

Hah. Not likely.

So it was a food, jazz, food, jazz sort of affair. We were near the band, but I was facing away. I like jazz; there’s very little live music I don’t like, but I’ve never felt that I really *got* jazz.  It always seemed a bit self indulgent, a bit as though the music written was somehow not good enough, and the hard work and long hours of editing on the part of the composer could somehow be improved upon by some serious looking bloke in heavy framed glasses.

No I wasn’t any good at improvisation during my music degree. What’s your point?

So after coffee I thought I’d turn round and watch for a while. There was a great deal of Sincerity going on , with a side helping of Earnest.  Faces were pulled, and waves of intensity rolled from the stage and all over my best dress. A thought was forming in my mind, of all these fine men, playing with their instruments,  moving themselves towards a musical climax….And suddenly it came to me.

That was their sex face.



2 Responses to "Jazz. Nice."

My Paramour is a musician, so I am perfectly positioned, as it were, to confirm that what you say is true.

I think jazz is a very personal thing. For me the genre begins – and ends – with Brubeck’s Take Five; nothing else comes close that that delicious 5/4 artistry.

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