Hilary Usfun

Divisions of festive labour….

Posted on: December 17, 2009

So, I feel that in a modern marriage, the preparations for such events as Christmas should be divided equally between spouses, such that both contribute to the preparation.

To this end I will be writing the Christmas cards.  It seems only fair; Dr Usfun will be doing all the removal of darning needles from the insides of wheelchairs….


3 Responses to "Divisions of festive labour…."

Come on, own up: how did those needles get in there?

Perhaps the storing of darning needles *in* the Usfun wheelchair is some new kind of approved sharp object storage method that has somehow passed me by. Or perhaps….

Well, it went down by my leg, and then, erm, something rattled.

Oops. Clearly a badly designed wheelchair…

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