Hilary Usfun

wasted on the young…

Posted on: December 28, 2009

My toenails? A kind of gun metal grey, with glittery bits in. Yes on purpose. I bought it – it’s called ‘Nearly Middle Aged Woman Clings onto the Idea she was a Bit of a Goth Once’.

I was a terrible teenager; not in the smoking drinking shagging sense, but rather in the sense of never ever working out how to go about it.  I wasn’t rebellious; no-one but my crimplene loving Granny would have called me well dressed.  I didn’t do that well at school.  I did pass quite a lot of music exams, and I did read all the Agatha Christie novels.

I did own a few Echo and the Bunnymen albums; and wore a fair amount of black. I tried being a Goth once, but my mother told me not to be so ridiculous. So I didn’t.

The thing, I suppose is that growing up as a disabled person is that you know you don’t quite fit in, and as a teenager I was only just beginning to know who I was. In most cases I was right – I have similar views now, even though I no longer think these things simple or immovable.

But really, mostly I’m glad I’m not a teenager any more; if for no other reason than I no longer have to hang out with them. My uncertainty around them has not reduced over the past many years.


2 Responses to "wasted on the young…"

Wasted on the young indeed.

‘I tried being a Goth once, but my mother told me not to be so ridiculous. So I didn’t.’

An excellent line.

Also (humbly, apologetically), I really rarely check the email address attached to my blog… apologies for not getting back to you sooner after your blog-resurfacing in September.

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