Hilary Usfun

dancing like it’s 1999

Posted on: January 7, 2010

So Dr Usfun and I are keen gig goers; and last year had a decision we should go to at least one gig per year which we were uncertain of.  Last year; New Model Army.

The experiment paid off; it was a top gig, the band were on fine form and the audience were even more entertaining.  The urge to pop up in the middle of it and ask if anyone could help me with my tax return was almost irresistable. From a distance a man appeared to have the famous haircut sported by Keith from the Prodigy; from close it was apparent he was merely bald on top and his hair dyed blue around the sides.

And in the midst of all this I looked around me and noticed that everyone was dancing the same; a sort of stomping from side to side, with a wiggle on each ankle, and a vague banging of the head.  All accompanied by a thrashing of the arms.  It made me vaguely nostalgic for my student days when there were actual indie nights at various local clubs.

And this was when it hit me; does dancing have a vintage? Does the way you dance indicate your key cultural influences? Am I not hanging out with enough Young People?

I did once end up, entirely by accident, at an event involving dancing and a whole load of people in their 60’s.  Now I’m a kind and considerate person, but the phrase ‘thriller video’ was used by one of our number…


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Interesting angle. I’m thinking…

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