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travelling light…

Posted on: January 11, 2010

I am a fan of public transport. I am a fan of public transport providing it obeys the rules. The rules are simple;

Never let go of Hilary

Never let Hilary be taken from behind by a man in a uniform.

I usually travel by train  using a manual chair, of the pushable variety (I’m strictly powerchair all the rest of the time) because this can, with an enthusiastic friend or spouse, be manoeuvred up or down the odd step.  I am rather fond of my manual chair; he and I have travelled widely and well together and taken in some wonderful experiences.  What I am not fond of, however is being pushed. Yes, I know its been 20 years and you’d think I’d be used to it by now. I’m also not a big fan of lifts. I know, I know. In my house? yes. Your point?

Anyway; when travelling on public transport there are rules. Rules which apply (see above, to the aforementioned enthusiastic friend or spouse) as there are rules which don’t apply, or certainly didn’t. Rules about public space and about not touching people you don’t know, and absolutely NOT grabbing them and taking them away without asking them first.

So now you know.

NB Spiderman outfit does not count as a uniform, OK?


3 Responses to "travelling light…"

I know this is a serious post about serious things, but ‘Never let Hilary be taken from behind by a man in a uniform’ got a fnar-fnar-fnar out loud from me.

My mind is in exactly the same place as Queenie’s. I’m sorry. I’ll grow up soon and make meaningful contributions. Maybe.

Is meant to be funny. But only the post; the situation is obviously frustrating in the extreme…

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