Hilary Usfun

your love is like bad medicine…

Posted on: January 18, 2010

So Bunsters, right, are fairly fragile. Flimsy; one might even say.  And when they get ill, it seems that the answer is nearly always Panacur. Panacur, it appears is the lapine equivalent to that packet of polos which lived in the bottom of your mum’s handbag and solved all manner of tummy aches and bruised knees.  However Panacur has to be administered in two 9 day programmes per year.  This is not joyfully anticipated by almost anyone; me as there may be swearing, Guinevere as she has to have her meds and by Dr Usfun as he may be driven to swearing. The only family member who looks forward in joyful anticipation is Sir Lancelot.

These days the Panacur process is simple. Sir Lancelot gets his dose which he receives with such enthusiasm you have to hold the syringe firmly and be prepared to withdraw it before he bites the end off.


(Was a time stands still moment. Rabbits can’t vomit and Sir L is slightly less intelligent than a turnip. We were just going to scoop and run to the vets when he spat it out)

At this point Guinevere, who is blind, works out what is going on, and skedaddles, thumping her back legs (which basically means. Piss off. Now) behind the sofa, breathing fire. Dr Usfun then moves the sofa and grabs her all the time with her expression suggesting satanism. He grips her between his knees (remembering to keep his feet crossed; Caution Lagomorph Reversing) and in goes the meds.  There is then flouncing.

This is an effective technique which has been honed over the past two years following several notable failures.

Panacur in raspberry – Guinevere hopped off disdainfully. Sir Lancelot ate raspberry.

Panacur on cabbage leaf  – Guinevere ate round the panacur. Sir Lancelot ate the cabbage leaf.

Dr Usfun backs Guinevere into a corner and tries to tempt her to take the panacur getting some on his fingers. Sir Lancelot bites Dr Usfun and Guinevere flounces off.

Oh yes, rabbits have personality…


7 Responses to "your love is like bad medicine…"

lol and Awww. I have to give the horses a general spectrum wormer called Panacur once a year (and a specific worming product every 13 weeks). Just thought.

Yes this is a wormer and anti parasitic and it does seem to work, tho the festering rage isn’t listed as a side effect… I bet the horses take it with dignity and grace….

*Arf*, no. They have to be reversed in to a corner, use fingers to open their mouths. The after-dose expressions clearly indicate the stuff tastes vile to their delicate senses. Poor loves. But how do we explain to a horse that this horrid stuff, which they’ll ignore their yummy food for, is good for them? We can’t. We have to love them while they continue to look suspiciously at anything that goes near their mouths for the next ten minutes. Including carrots.

* adds Brennig to a list of people who could medicate a rabbit if need be *

Sir Lancelot is a cat in a rabbit suit. You’ve been Lancelotted!

Your post reminded me of the superb Eddie Izzard skit on Pavlov’s less well known experiments, on cats… ‘Pavlov rings bell, cat uniterested – cat had already eaten’ kind of thing.

Aw Shane that is so nice of you! I love that sketch…

Not sure how I missed this most entertaining post. I think there should be photos.

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