Hilary Usfun

duvet days…

Posted on: February 1, 2010

We have an elderly king size IKEA duvet. (Other king size elderly duvets are available; I’m sure I can dig one out from under the guest room bed)  I regard it with fondness; it has been with us our whole relationship and now it is not in a good place. There is clumping; and not as much warmth as really it should have in it. I decide to get a new one. I decide to get a new one which is ethical, and biodegradable and so on.

This was two years ago. I now own 4 hot water bottles.

And Dr Usfun.

(Well I don’t own him)

The thing is; and there always is a thing; is that there is no one thing which constitutes an ethical duvet. Feathers? Well I don’t eat fowl, so even if they are happy chickens and give their feathers willingly it feels odd.  Synthetic? Doesn’t wear as well, and goodness only knows where that comes from. Camel hair? presumably not endorsed by camels and not entirely within my budget.

So what did I do – I bought a 13.5 tog non feather duvet from an ethical supplier with an organic cotton cover.  I then discovered its only cold enough for a 13.5 tog duvet – even for me – two days a year.  There was then swearing. And rocking. And chocolate. Yes it was fair trade.

This winter it did see a bit more action.  It still is a bit thick though and so I do need a 10.5 tog duvet.  I’m going to get this one. It’s hard to know whether reusing plastic bags is very energy intensive, or whether in fact means we need to produce plastic bags, and all in all my head gets hurty.

It shouldn’t be this hard.


2 Responses to "duvet days…"

No, it shouldn’t be this hard. After an ethical year of not buying clothes, I now need to invest in a few things. I can get clothes that fit from places like Long Tall Sally and Land’s End, or I can get clothes that are ethical from e.g. People Tree and Natural Collection. Apparently it’s completely unreasonable to want ethical clothes that also fit. Gaaaah.

Completely unreasonable. I’m still mainly buying other people’s mistakes on ebay, which while reducing in some ways does I suspect reinforce the disposable culture.

It makes me so cross that someone somewhere thought that unethical was a good idea.

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