Hilary Usfun

normal service to be resumed shortly..

Posted on: February 14, 2010

Its usually hard to be funny, and never clear whether I achieve it. However this week it was harder than most; we had to let our little Guinevere go on Monday following a weekend of proper poorly in the vet hospital. She was feisty, stroppy and sarcastic, and we loved every hair on her round little behind.

Guinevere grazing


5 Responses to "normal service to be resumed shortly.."

Really sorry to hear that. So sad. I’ve been through the same thing with beloved cats and it’s never easy. Hugs to you, Dr Usfun and Sir L.

You comin’ back soon?

If I may add a little mirth, to the sad note:

When I hear the name Guinevere, I now think of the term ‘big money balls’. This is how the National Lottery has contributed to my (not a lottery punter) cultural life.

Blimey. I don’t watch the Lottery, so didn’t know that. Guinevere would Not Approve.

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