Hilary Usfun

inadequacies of age…

Posted on: April 21, 2010

So Sudoku. I like to do Sudoku as it is good for preventing Alzheimer’s. Which is a good thing. I like them too even though they don’t exactly bring out the best in me. This is because they involve Winning, and Winning can interfere with Going to Bed. Which makes me unpopular, particularly with myself.

What they aren’t good for, in my experience is the environment, because each one comes with a coloured clicky pencil, which my inner 13 year old is still far too excited about.

But when I removed the pencil from the most recent, I noticed that it had a warning beneath it ‘Pencil Not Suitable for Children Under 36 months’  Which suggests, presumably, that the puzzles are just fine…


2 Responses to "inadequacies of age…"

Did you know you can do them online? Saves trees. And pencils.

but harder to balance on your lap in bed, on the downside. Hmmm.

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