Hilary Usfun


Posted on: May 19, 2010

We have an election, and somehow two of the big boys in the playground decide to run the country and then one of them decides to make the ‘biggest shake up of democracy in 187 years

Seriously? Because what you’ve done so far is not enough?

I am still finding it hard to be funny. But maybe sometime soon. Gah.


3 Responses to "So…."

Yes, and women and other discriminated-against groups winning the right to vote wasn’t any kind of shake-up for democracy, was it? Am grumbling right along with you.

I think it’s because the big boy and the littlest boy have decided to work together, even though they don’t want the same things.

Queenie – well quite.

Brennig – it is so ridiculous isn’t it?…

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