Hilary Usfun

being a grown up…

Posted on: May 24, 2010

It transpires I am a grown up. Its true; the signs are all there;

I know my punctuation is wrong in that sentance above. I don’t quite know why, but it bothers me now.  I feel I *should* understand apostrawhatnots.

I have montpelier butter (without raw eggs in) in the fridge. Dr Usfun made it, but still, readiness for grilled fish emergencies is quite something.

In my favourite little clothes shop I gestured at a cardigan I liked and the woman behind the desk, who I would have previously considered to be ‘about my age’ (which is generally translated as between 25 and 45) who then said ‘It is nice. My mum has it in all the colours’. And this makes me feel old, as I started to think maybe she thought I was like her mum, and now, writing this, I wonder if she thought the friend I was with (who’s about 10 years younger) was my daughter. I don’t think so, but….


1 Response to "being a grown up…"

That is quite the most grown-up kind of butter I ever did see.

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