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finding the funny…

Posted on: July 7, 2010

..well what with the Con-Dem unholy nightmare in power, and a budget from Hell (even if, as stated, this is intended to support children and older people, it certainly is intended to scare disabled people) and a bra fitter today telling me my breasts were old, it is hard to find the funny.

So help me out here people. Tell me your funny.

And to get things going with a swing; today wasn’t even the first time someone has said my breasts were old. A breast surgeon, during routine examination told me that the different symptoms I had on one side vs the other were due to aging.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to point out they were both the same age…..


3 Responses to "finding the funny…"

Actually, that was funny. And if you want more funny, I highly recommend Sex & Bowls & Rock & Roll, written by Alex Marsh aka JonnyB of the Private Secret Diary on your sidebar. He’s very good at funny, and made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

Seconded re Alex. We interviewed him on our show a couple of weeks ago. I hope you find this little anecdote funny. I was interviewing the lead singer of a rock and roll band at Cornbury Music Festival last weekend, when one of the roadies came up to us ‘Sean’, said the roadie. ‘You’d better be quick with this interview, there’s a bunch of girls outside who want you to sign their tits’. Well, it made me laugh.

thank you both. Sniggering is taking place.

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