Hilary Usfun

getting a backhander…

Posted on: July 23, 2010

So the boys went to the vets this morning, partly as the buns needed vaccinations and nail clipping, and partly as Dr Usfun finds it more straightforward than getting an actual appointment at the GP. Full in the knowledge that usually Sir Lancelot (6kgs of lop eared indignation) is usually something of an unholy nightmare, Whisky (3kgs of silky mellowness) went first.

Braced for a flurry of thumping from Sir Lancelot, Dr Usfun (a veterinary veteran from many pets, visits and afterschool jobs) decided to get Whisky out on the floor. Upon opening his box to discover a mass of seething, moulting hostility, the next stage involved examining Whisky on the floor for fear of a kamikaze lagomorph making an undignified airborne departure from the exam table. ‘Gosh’ said the vet afterwards as she steristripped her own face ‘they aren’t usually that hostile unless they have a very happy home life’.

Of course then Sir Lancelot was a paragon of well behaved virtue as he was examined. Apparently he’s lost 400g (which is no bad thing although was such a surprise that it suggests his coat is getting ideas above its station) but Dr Usfun isn’t absolutely sure due to the amount of thumping emitting from Whisky’s box….


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