Hilary Usfun

knitting lessons….

Posted on: August 5, 2010

I was reluctant to take up knitting again when it became popular partly because I wasn’t sure I needed another hobby and partly as I didn’t know how to fix any mistakes I might make.  I make lots of mistakes; and wasn’t sure if my usual cake baking/wine bringing/apology strategy would do the trick.  So I commenced knitting, fixing mistakes following the usual strategy;

a) ignore them

b) chocolate

c) ask 5 people if they can see the mistake

d) carefully unknit to the mistake

e) chocolate

I have recently taken up the hardcore mistake fixing strategy; taking the needles out and ripping back.  This is scary stuff; but so far, when one gets to carried away with the prettiness of the Stornoway’s to count it is an effective strategy.

And so I pondered whether these lessons in fixing things are in any sense a lesson in life, and being brave, for example, in dealing with such things.

On balance I think not. But these socks will be darn pretty.


2 Responses to "knitting lessons…."

Darn pretty… ohhhh, you’re good.

Wicked punster! (not too big on Stornoways, though)

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