Hilary Usfun

feminism. The Usfun way.

Posted on: August 9, 2010

So what with the budget being dreadful for women, with women getting raped at festivals, and women being stoned in Iran, my inner feminist is outraged. In fact my inner feminist is fairly outer, most of the time.  I am spewing fury in fact and seeking out fellow humans with whom to vent my overactive spleen.

And so I consider joining the Fawcett Society in order to show solidarity with others, and support them as they promote the feminist agenda in a way which unlike me does not involve pointing or spluttering.   This is a good thing; gibbering can only get us so far.

So you join, and you pay some money a month and you get a free tshirt. Its a slogan t shirt, but for once one I’m reasonably happy to wear, stating ‘This is what a feminist looks like’. So far so good.

But oh the shame; its the least flattering t shirt I’ve ever seen. I’ll join, and support them, but really – is a v neck too much to ask for in terms of equality? I’m exercising my right to care what I look like….


2 Responses to "feminism. The Usfun way."

Scissors. It’s the only way.

well, you can but suggest it. I think it’s a totally valid concern.

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