Hilary Usfun

name that bun…

Posted on: August 12, 2010

It’s a shame that buns need to be kept in pairs, as all the really good names are for singletons (It’s a shame also that ours don’t realise they’d be happier if they only liked each other. But anyway)

There was part of me that wanted a  rabbit just so I could call it Starsky. Dr Usfun suggested this wasn’t quite so funny if the bunster lived in a shed, but in this case (and only this case) he’s wrong.  It’s still my favourite, and then I met a bunny called Attila. Now I am nearly the only person other than Attila’s owner who thought tis was funny, but bearing in mind Attila was a tiny dwarf rabbit, Attila the Bun certainly raised a smile. And as a misplaced patriotic Scot, Rabbit the Bruce is another favourite.

And today? Care of Disapproving Rabbits, I bring you Napoleon Bunnypart.



1 Response to "name that bun…"

A rabbit called Starsky is *hilarious*!

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