Hilary Usfun

unexpected pleasures… part 1

Posted on: August 21, 2010

So I was about to write a post about a particular film I enjoyed which I hadn’t expected to.  I was going to describe it as a Guilty Pleasure. And then it occurred to me; what on earth do I mean by a guilty pleasure?

Well I usually mean a bit of food which isn’t strictly healthy, or a book, TV series or a film which I think is not intellectual, or, to my utter shame, I worry about other people thinking I’m not intellectual.

And how ridiculous is that.  Eating the odd thing that isn’t healthy, watching the occasional rom com, these are the things that make life fun. They aren’t the only things; being stretched and challenged intellectually is also a joy and often fun as well.  But really? I need all aspects in my life.


1 Response to "unexpected pleasures… part 1"

Hear, hear, Mrs Usfun. 100% with you on this.

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