Hilary Usfun

unexpected pleasures part 2

Posted on: August 30, 2010

So; if you’re a teenager or indeed know a teenager you’ll have heard of Twilight.  I read the books at the urging of Intellectual Colleague, so surprised was I that she’d read them, and well, I read them at a time I had a Lot Going On and they were candyfloss for the brain.  I thought that was a good metaphor; I like candyfloss but only once every 2/3 years.

I enjoyed the books more when I realised that it wasn’t a failing on the authors part to make the main character a whiny annoying teenager.  She is a whiny annoying teenager; and fantastically well written one.  I understand the books are aimed at teenagers but in reality these books spoke to me as a recovering hopelessly romantic, unrealistic whiny teenager.

I saw the first film, and was entertained but a tad underwhelmed. I saw the second one today and my expectations weren’t high; I’d heard the third one was good and saw the second in the library so thought I’d give it a whirl.  To my surprise I liked it a LOT more.  More acting – still understated – by the actors involved, more tension, better CGI. Truly then – an unexpected pleasure.


4 Responses to "unexpected pleasures part 2"

I have heard of Twilight, but haven’t read or viewed. I might, now.

Have seen all three. And reviewed the second one. And am not looking forward to the fourth and fifth.

One was just about bearable. Two was embarrassingly dire. Three was well-directed but mediocre. I hope four and five will not suffer from the same delusions of adequacy as one and two did.

Fair enough. I thought two was better, and it somehow hit the spot in a rather good way that weekend.

And 5? Weren’t there only 4 books?

Queenie – they certainly aren’t works of genius, but I don’t regret reading them. I read them just after we let Guinevere go and they allowed a bit of distraction and a dignified sniffle…

Yep, four books. Five films. Go figure.

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