Hilary Usfun

more than words…

Posted on: September 7, 2010

It’s often noted that I’m Not an Intellectual.  I don’t mind, all that much, really.  I’m not stupid, or dense or anything, I just often miss things.

I aspire one day to read Tristram Shandy by Lawrence Sterne.  I often think it is one of those things I’ll do When I Grow Up.  As a nod in this general direction, Dr Usfun and I sat down to watch ‘A Cock and Bull Story‘ which is one of those  independent films where you aren’t quite sure what you’re meant to think.  I don’t really care; but sometimes its nice to know what the director intended.  So we sat there watching the film, which felt rather deliberately quirky.  There was an intermission; for tea, chocolate, yarn interventions and lagomorph wrangling and when we recommenced viewing it was as if the film was being narrated. Which seemed a little off. Right up to the end of the film when the narrator ended with the phrase ‘Audio Description provided by…..’

I think Monsieur Shandy may need to wait a while….


1 Response to "more than words…"

I would imagine it made more sense with the commentary. Perhaps watch the first half like that too…

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