Hilary Usfun

when it actually works….

Posted on: September 10, 2010

So I had a call from a friend. Not an unusual happening. She asked me what I was having for tea; and I asked her the same. She said roast kale.

Roast kale? Isn’t kale a slightly bitter green leafy vegetable? Well yes, actually but by jingo it is nice roasted.  Its one of those things that if you try to eat seasonally and locally you end up seeing quite a lot of; and its fine. I usually slice thinly for stir fries or curries, make soup in a vaguely Polish style or stir fry with chilli.  But it’s always good to try something new.

I found this recipe and I have to admit there was concern chez Usfun.  If they’d known I’d misread the recipe and used 2 tablespoons of vinegar rather than 2 teaspoons I think I may have felt they were justified.  However; even I didn’t notice til I wrote this post. Is THAT the power of blogging?


They were amazing. Terribly simple and truly they become crisps in the oven. They were a lovely contrast to the rice thingummy they were served with and looked rather fancy.  I bet they’ll be even better with less vinegar….


3 Responses to "when it actually works…."

I am so going to cook this. We have a kale glut in the garden right now – a very timely post, thanks Ms Usfun!

and it looks really fancy too! Which is not a priority, but its always nice…

I misread quantities on blogs all the time Hilary but fortunately no real calamities! (and very occasionally it turns out better). I’m sure your crisps were delicious for the extra sprinkling of vinegar.
Thanks for posting the link to my blog post.

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