Hilary Usfun

first they came for….

Posted on: September 25, 2010

Is anyone a fan of the ConDem coalition? I was scared and unsettled in May, and I am still scared and unsettled now. Particularly with this list of quangos to be axed.

In another time, I’d perhaps have agreed that there were too many, and certainly some replicate the work of other bodies.  And this may still be true. However; the ones I know about (and the ones which affect me. Directly) do make a difference by providing practical/financial support.

This government is obsessed with paid work, and certainly it is a tragedy that so many people who could and who in the main want to work do not.  However; I do work, and so does Dr Usfun.  I need social care regardless of whether I’m working or not, it isn’t an income replacement benefit.  (For which there is a need, but that’s a different rant)

Being able to go the loo when you want, being able to eat/drink when you want, these aren’t luxuries.  Why are those under even more threat? Already there is charging for such services; yet not for refuse collection, or for education in schools? Of course there shouldn’t be a charge for that either, but either way the system is utterly broken. And I feel rather sick.


4 Responses to "first they came for…."

Umm, refuse collection and education in schools are charged for – even if one doesn’t use them – via compulsory taxation.

well yes – and that’s all right. But why not social care as well? Why isn’t that paid for by compulsory taxation? There would be an outcry if those things were not free at the point of access (and rightly so) If we can afford Trident, and enormous salaries for senior public sector employees, then it should be that social care is much further subsidised.

But social care is also paid for by compulsory taxation (whether one uses the services or not). Local Authority care. via a range of domiciliary, residential and drop-in care is funded in just this way. Indeed, when I worked in social services I delivered social care to young people and adults with mental illness every day.

Well it is, currently, plus charges but with the closure of the ILF the chances are that the charges for those 18000 people will increase enormously – whereas no other local authority services will increase in charge. It seems wrong to me that the government is saying on one hand that disabled people should work and they should get support and on the other that those who do work should pay a much greater proportion towards their care. Considering how many benefit claimants feel it isn’t worth working when they are on benefit its a bit galling to imagine a future where I have to use all my salary barring what I’d get on income support and £12 or so per week to pay for care.

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