Hilary Usfun

faking it…

Posted on: November 14, 2010

So I’m a political pescatarian; and what that means is that I choose not to eat meat due to a range of reasons rather than simply not liking it.  Having said that; I’m also not a huge fan which I admit makes things easier.

(and as well as not eating meat on political grounds I also am a political person who doesn’t eat meat. Quite a good self descriptor methinks)

So I’m happy to eat quorn, and other things which taste a bit like meat for variety and in some cases for speed of preparation, so reading about Hot and Spicy Soy Buffalo Chicken sounded like a link worth clicking.  And while I was surprised to hear it was a foodstuff and not a recipe, that was NOTHING to the surprised I felt when I read it had a bit of dowel in as a ‘bone’.

Just a small step too far…


2 Responses to "faking it…"

Yuk! Never heard of it before, and rather wish I hadn’t now as it’s made me feel slightly queasy. Which is odd, as I don’t mind food with bones in, but pretend bones, that’s just weird.

I would try it, being a vegetarian and of a curious disposition. But the dowel idea is just a little too weird.

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